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Energy Medicine for Children

Children's Eden Energy Medicine Sessions

As the mother of 5 children (now grown), I understand the importance of having healthy and happy children.  I sought out alternative health practitioners to be partners in the health of our children during their growing years. I want to be a partner with you and your child to establish a strong energetic foundation so there will be more giggles, fun-filled spontaneous play, and an overall appreciation and love for his/her very unique self.  I love how gentle Energy Medicine is for children and how quickly their energies respond. 

Why choose an Energy Medicine Practitioner for your child?

  Keeping the energies balanced allows for greater wellness in the physical body

  any children who have attention, behavior or learning challenges benefit from energetic balancing

Empowering children to learn they are a partner in their health & well-being sets the tone for the rest of their lives

Finding and learning to work with energetic blocks, disorganization or scattered energies can help your child better understand his/her body

Learning energy techniques can increase self-esteem and confidence

Call for an appointment today!  301.834.7420 or 301.524.2269

Energy Medicine is for all ages; adults and children both will have more energy to work and play.  When a child's energy is out of balance, he/she may have difficulty learning.  A child whose energies are balanced will gain confidence, feel better and have more success.  When both the parent and the child learn to balance their energies using a daily routine of fun activities, a more harmonious home is likely to occur.
  I work with children of all ages, parents, pregnant moms, women experiencing PMS or menopause symptoms, and anyone who would truly love to feel better and live a more joyful life.


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