Modalities - Energy of Money

Energy of Money

Are you having money issues in your personal life or business?  What would your life look like if you had no money issues?

Have you read the books on manifesting and tried these techniques and haven't had results?

There could be an inbalance in your energetic field that is keeping you from attaining your monetary goals. 

An energy session can focus on the energy of money and help you find what is blocking your intentions from manifesting.  When something is not making itself evident in your physical reality after you have set and worked with your intentions, then there is most likely an energetic block.  By identifying and clearing this block, what you have envisioned has a much better chance of becoming a reality in your life.  Merging your metaphysical reality with your physical reality is the key.  

These same techniques can be used to help you manifest other things in your life.  It is just a matter of finding out what is blocking you from achieving them.  Once these are released using simple energetic techniques, you will find things happening in your life so your dreams can actually become a reality for you.

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