Sandi Roberts: Healing Energy is the Road to Health and Wholeness

Parenting Prowess:  Do you have the courage to trust in and listen to your heart as you are parenting your children?  As a parenting mentor, I can help you learn to tune in and trust yourself and your children while finding more excitement and joy from your parenting.

Is parenting perplexing you at times?  Do you sometimes wish you had an instruction manual for each child or a guidebook to help you navigate uncharted territory of child guidance?

Most every parent wants to do the best job he or she can in raising happy,healthy,  loving and responsible individuals.  Parenting Prowess can help you find and nurture the inner guidance that you have for your unique child.  It takes a great deal of prowess or courage to be parents who are willing to do what they feel in their hearts are the best for their children and not what society dictates as best.  Parenting Prowess offers information and activities to empower parents to think for themselves.  

Parenting Prowess is a mentoring program for individual parents or groups of parents.  As parents become more in tune with this inner guidance and set a family ideal to work with, they will learn to trust themselves and their children to grow and learn in ways that are appropriate for each individual.  "In many other cultures the nurturing of wise and healthy children is seen as a spiritual act, and parenting is considered sacred...Our children are our meditation." (A Path with Heart, Jack Kornfield)

By listening to and observing your child, you will marvel at the many gifts each possesses. Every child is a genius and can figure out what he/she needs to know and how to learn it. You need to trust in yourself and know that you are providing a fertile environment for your lovely flowers to grow and blossom into the unique variety they were meant to be. Some flowers grow better in one type of soil, while others need a different type. The more you trust your child to find his/her interests and follow them, the more your child trusts his own self. As a parent, you are creating the space for this person to become the individual he/she was meant to be.

Living, loving and laughing with five children, I learned to trust their timetable for growing and learning.  They learned to trust themselves and become the unique individuals they were meant to be.  I have been mentoring parents on breastfeeding, health, nutrition, homeschooling and trusting your child for more than 30 years.  I have a Masters in Spiritual Mentoring and an undergraduate degree in Sociology/Social Work.  I offer individual mentoring sessions and workshops for groups of parents.

Parenting is a commitment as parents strive to provide the best environment for development of the child. It is not always necessary for the child to have the best clothes, the most toys or the biggest room.  He needs an environment where he will be provided with the proper nourishment for the physical, mental and spiritual bodies.  "It is not musing, not daydreaming, but as ye find your bodies made up of the physical, mental and spiritual, it is the attuning of the mental body and the physical body to its spiritual source"  (Edgar Cayce Reading 281-41).

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