Sandi Roberts: Healing Energy is the Road to Health and Wholeness

"I think it's accessible to all, and that's what makes the work so important to me" - Cathy

"I see such across the board application. And the fact that you can teach people to heal themselves…because I've found that"-Claudia


"I have found it to be so incredibly practical. It's something I use daily, it's definitely made a difference in my health. And you're encouraged to take control." -Cheryl

"The foundation course is amazing...I feel like I have a new community" -Heather

"Thanks so much for all you put into our class. It was an extraordinary experience and a blessing to have you and your wonderful TA’s in such a quaint setting that nurtured our grasp of the complex material and fostered such deep friendships. And what an ending. Hearing “How Could Anyone” … was so emotional and touching. I tried to sing along but I kept choking up. The love felt within our group was overwhelming" - Rebecca

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