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Sign up Now For 2017 Eden Energy Medicine Foundations Class

One year program with certificate of completion

Four long weekends and at-home supervised practice

Strong mix of teaching and practice time

Eden Energy Medicine Foundations Program

If you are interested in the first year of the certification program, for 2017 Classes will be held in June, September, November 2017, and January, 2018. This program allows you to learn the basics of Eden Energy Medicine with a lot of hands on opportunities in a small environment.  The class meets 4 times over the course of a year, each time for 4 days.  This is also the pre-requisite for the 2nd year of the program to become certified as an EEM practitioner.  Year 1 will be taught by Sandi Roberts, EEM-Advanced Practitioner, a member of the Certification Program faculty, as well as the Regional Education Coordinator. Sandi also has a private practice and has taught 6 Foundations programs in Maryland and Virginia.  For more information contact Sandi.

To register for the Foundations Program in Maryland, you will first place a $300 deposit with Innersource (Donna Eden's Energy Medicine).  When you place this deposit, you will receive some very rich and helpful bonus videos:
  • Energy Medicine: The Essential Techniques A 6-Hour Streaming Class
  • The Energies of Love Class A 6 Hour Streaming Class filmed in Victoria
  • Healthy Meridians; Healthy Body




Custom and Private Workshops:

If you would like to host a workshop in your area, please contact Sandi, to make arrangements.  These workshops are interactive and can be done with groups of all sizes.

I am also available for presentations to businesses and organizations.

Custom Energy Medicine Classes

Students practicing hands-on techniques for reducing stress and releasing emotions.

 Energy Medicine Classes - Learn some techniques that will help you reduce stress, sleep better and boost your immune system. 

Foundations Program 2017

$ 995 USD

Sign up now for Foundations Class 2017. This covers tuition for Class 1. After placing a deposit of $300 with Innersource, you can pay for your class.

"Thanks so much for all you put into our class. It was an extraordinary experience and a blessing to have you and your wonderful TA’s in such a quaint setting that nurtured our grasp of the complex material and fostered such deep friendships. And what an ending. Hearing “How Could Anyone” … was so emotional and touching. I tried to sing along but I kept choking up. The love felt within our group was overwhelming"

 Foundations students grounding as a class around the giant tree outside of the farmhouse.

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